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Critical Power & Distribution

  •  Modular Inverter
    Sicon DTP-09 Modular Inverter 3KVA-9KVA

    Modular architecture System power: 9KVA Module power: 3KVA Dimension (H×W×D) mm: 320*442*420

  • Sicon DTP Inverter
    DTP Modular Inverter 3-18KVA

    Modular architecture DC-AC inverter DC input: 48VDC, 110VDC or 220VDC AC output: 220V/230V/240V Pure sine wave, single phase

  • Sicon Power Inverter
    DHP RM Inverter 1-3KVA

    DC-AC inverter DC input: 48VDC, 110VDC or 220VDC AC output: 220VAC Pure sine wave, single phase

  • High Voltage DC Power System
    DPS HVDC 240/336VDC

    Modular design, N+X redundancy ; Input harmonic <3%; Input power factor ≥0.998; Overall efficiency≥ 95%; RS232, RS485, LAN interface, 4 input dry contacts, 8 output dry contacts

  • Sicon DPJ smart PDU
    DPJ Smart PDU

    DPJ series intelligent modular power distribution system provides flexible and utilized power solution. Components Standard System cabinet(input & output IMPDS or output IMPDS ) Output power distribution module System monitor module

  • Static Transfer Switch
    DPQ STS 1 Phase & 3 Phase

    Static Transfer Switch 2 input source, 1 as priority, 1 as standby 1/1 mode: 20A, 32A, 50A 3/3 mode: 100A, 160A, 200A, 250A Customerized product available DPQ11, 1/1 mode, rackmount, 2U or 1U DPQ33, 3/3 mode, cabinet


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