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Electric Vehicle Charge Infrastructure

In recent years, with strong power electronic technology and digital control technology as the foundation,SICON enters to the field of electric vehicle charging, specialized in the development and design of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, intelligent charging cloud platform, mobile APP, formed a complete variety and compatible with high degrees of charging series products, provided a full range of system solutions for electric vehicle charging, detection and maintenance, and participated in a number of international leading level and representative industry development EV station system design, product supply,installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Currently new energy EV charging product include DC charging station, AC Charging Station,Split Charging system, On-board Charger,Charging Module, New Energy Integrated Charging Station.

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Why Sicon

More than ten years of experience in the power electronics product development, production, sales, service。
More than 100 people R&D Team
More than 100 intellectual property rights


Success Case

Sicon Assists China POVETIO

Assists China POVETIO

Sicon,as the core supplier of China POVETIO,

provides many series of charging facilities

every year.With advanced R& D technology

an Technical reserves, Sicon launched many

new charging facilities with high

performance, meeting the demand of POVETIO

and built a close cooperation relationship


Sicon Join Hand with TGOOD

Join Hand with TGOOD

With advanced R& D technology, high quality

products and perfect service for new energy

charging field, Sicon successfully cooperated

with Qingdao TGOOD in charging pile project

and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

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