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Lithium Battery Pack

Voltage level of battery pack: 24V、48V、240V、384V
Battery capacity: Form 15Ah to 200Ah
Battery pack Dimension(W*D*H):2U、3U
Voltage level of battery cabinet: 240V、384V
Battery cabinet capacity:From 15Ah to 40Ah
Battery pack Dimension(W*D*H):600*800*2000

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    Lithium battery provides DC power supply for electric equipment, which has the high energy volume ratio and long working life.
    1.High energy volume ratio: Small volume, light weight. (48V100AH battery pack, the volume is 430*622*88, with only 23.5kg weight).
    2.Easy installation: modular philosophy, can be embedded in 19 inch battery cabinet, convenient for installation and maintenance.
    3.Long working life: Capacity remains more than 80% after 2000 times cycle.
    High discharge rate: 10 times than one hour rate, capacity is more than 90% of nominal capacity
    4.Environmental-friendly: do not produce gas and acid fog.
    5.High-temperature resistance: Lithium battery still has the cycle life more than 1200 times when it conducts 100% DOD charge and discharge test by two hours rate under the temperature 60°C. Test result of floating one year under 45°C shows the capacity loss less than 5%.
    6.Battery management system (BMS) inside
    Backup power supply for energy storage systems, UPS systems,etc.
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Model Battery pack Battery cabinet
Voltage level 24V48V240V384V 240V384V
Capacity Form 15Ah to 200Ah 36 battery pack (2U), 10 battery pack (3U)
Dimension 2U3U 600*800*2000


Subject: Lithium Battery Pack


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