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Energy storage

  • Sicon Lead Carbon Battery
    Lead Carbon Battery

    Long life cycle service design: 50% DOD 2250, 80% DOD 1000, 100%DOD 650 Extreme temperature tolerance Low cost

  • Lithium battery, UPS battery
    Lithium Battery Pack

    Voltage level of battery pack: 24V、48V、240V、384V Battery capacity: Form 15Ah to 200Ah Battery pack Dimension(W*D*H):2U、3U Voltage level of battery cabinet: 240V、384V Battery cabinet capacity:From 15Ah to 40Ah Battery pack Dimension(W*D*H):600*800*2000

  • Battery Management System

    High-rate, power type, lithium batteries Discharge capacity of 3.7C, adapt to various load Battery Management System (BMS) with functions of battery status monitoring and assessment, charging and discharging control, balancing and so on

  • Sicon Energy Storagy System
    B-direction Converter

    Constant current charge, constant voltage charge constant power charge, timing charge RS485, CAN and Ethernet communication methods Compatible with various batteries: lithium battery, lead-acid battery, flow battery and super-capacitor

  • Sicon Sealed Lead Acid Battery
    Sealed Lead Acid Battery

    Maintenance-free no water adding required Sealed Valve-regulate Spill proof and leak proof


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