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Data Center And Facility UPS
Reduandant, scalable arichitecture
96% efficency, highest reliability
data centre and facility UPS protects the critical applications
System Capicity: 50kVA - 3200kVA
Module Capicity: 50kVA
3/3, 3/1, 1/3, 1/1; 50/60Hz; BOTTOM/TOP feed
High Frequency MODULAR UPS
Modular,hot-swappable, field-replaceable STS, monitor, UPS module
Scalable from 50KVA to 800KVA. Parallel-capable up to 3200KVA
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Reduandant, scalable arichitecture, 96% efficency, highest reliability, data center and facility UPS protects the critical applications.

    1.Rational redundant structure
    2.UPS module: 50 kVA; System: 350 kVA, 500 kVA, 800 kVA.
    3.Great performance index:overall efficiency ≥ 95%(AC-AC), inverter efficiency ≥ 98%(DC-AC), THDI ≤ 3%, and input PF ≥ 0.99 N+X module-level redundancy UPS System
    4.Multi-level decentralized control technology and Master-slave synchronization in sequency control which result in eliminate system failure bottleneck
    5.Each module automatically even shares the input and output current, all UPS modules share batteries
    6.Battery management: Battery discharge management, auto-transfer between floating and even charging, temperature compensation
    7.Space-saving high density design, Rack-based for agility and aesthetics
    8.Monitor Function:C/S-Oriented Architecture SICON Software which is available to monitor multiple UPS up to 600 sets;B/S-Oriented Architecture which is available to check via IE
    9.Standard configuration:Manual maintenance bypass, SPD(Class C), RS232, RS485/RS422 Communication ports, Remote monitor software, day contacts
    10.Optional configuration:EPO, Input/output Transformer, Battery Bank, IPDS(Intelligent Power Distribution System)
    B-direction converter
    B-direction converters are dedicated to charging/discharging the storage battery and providing intermediate link between the grid and the storage battery in different occasions, including grid-connected system, off grid system and hybrid system.

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Product :  CMS-350/50
Adaptable 50 to 350 kVA power capacity
50 kVA UPS module (CM50)
Configuration: 7 slots
Components: STS module, Monitor module, UPS module, Power distribution
Top or bottom feed
System Dimensions:800*1000*2000(W*D*H)mm 
Module Dimensions:482*700*176(W*D*H)mm

Sicon 350KVA Modular UPS
Product :  CMS-500/50
Adaptable 50 to 500 kVA power capacity
50 kVA UPS module (CM50)
Configuration: 10 slots
Components: STS module, Monitor module, UPS module, Power distribution
Top or bottom feed
System Dimensions:1400*1000*2000(W*D*H)mm 
Module Dimensions:482*700*176(W*D*H)mm

Sicon 500KVA Modular UPS

Product :  CMS-800/50
Adaptable 50 to 800 kVA power capacity
50 kVA UPS module (CM50)
Configuration: 16 slots
Components: STS module, Monitor module, UPS module, Power distribution
Top or bottom feed
System Dimensions:2000*1000*2000(W*D*H)mm 
Module Dimensions:482*700*176(W*D*H)mm

Sicon800KVA Modular UPS
System model CMS-350/50 CMS-500/50 CMS-800/50
Maximum power 350 kVA 500KVA 800KVA
Power module model 50KVA
Mains Input Input mode 3-phase +N +E, 1-phase +N +E
Input voltage 380V/220V±20%, 400V/230V±20%, 415V/240V±20%
Input frequency 50Hz±10%, 60Hz±10%
Power woke-in (Sec.) 60sec
THDI (%) 3%
Input PF ≥0.99
Bypass Input Input voltage 380V/220V±20%, 400V/230V±20%, 415V/240V±20%
Input frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Range of Frequency Synchro 50 Hz±4%, 60 Hz±4%
DC Input Rated Input voltage ±384VDC
Input voltage tolerance ±345V~±440V DC
Battery charging Charging current limited yes
Charging ability 10 hours (2 hours back up)
Stability of charging voltage ±1%
AC output UPS power factor 1
Output voltage 380V/220V AC, 400V/230V AC, 415V/240V AC
Output frequency ±4%;±0.2% (battery supply)
Output voltage stability ±1%
Output voltage recovering time 20ms (load 0~100% change)
Overload ability Operate 10mins with 125% load
Transfer from mains to battery supply 0ms
Transfer from bypass to inverter supply <1ms
Peak factor 0.125694444
Waveform distortion ≤1% ( linear load ), ≤3%( non-linear load )
Overall efficiency ≥95% (AC~AC), ≥98% (DC~AC)
Load share precision ≤5%
Operation environment Ambient temperature -25℃~60
Operating temperature -5℃~40
Maximum operation altitude ≤1500m
Relative humidity ≤95% non-cadency
Protection degree IP30
Cooling Air cooling
Applicable safety standards EN62040-1-1:2003 IEC60950-1:2001
Electromagnetic compatibility EN62040-2:2006
Acoustic noise ≤55DB
Others Cabinet Standard 19 inch cabinet
Monitor management system UPSupervisor
Interface RS232, RS485 and 8 try contact, TCP/IP adapter, SNMP(optional)
Display Touch LCD/LED Screen
Weight(kg) 400 500 700


Subject: Data Center And Facility UPS


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