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Data Center Infrastructure
Time : 2017-08-17

With many years of experience in the power supply system, Sicon launched a full range of Data Center products, including UPS uninterruptable power supply system, power distribution system, battery cabinet, server rack, rained floor, Micro Data Center. According to the market demand, Sicon launched a series of complete power supply system solutions, Including Industrial Power Solution, Telecom Power Solution, Micro Data Center Solution , Large Data Center Solution. Sicon build efficient and safe power supply place for customers, continuing to create value for customers.

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Micro Data Center

Micro Data Center

Modular UPS 10-100KVA

CMS Modular UPS 10-100KVA

Modular UPS 150-250KVA

CMS Modular UPS 150-250KVA

Data Center And Facility UPS

Data Center And Facility UPS

Modular UPS

Rack Independent Modular UPS

Three Phase UPS

208V Three Phase UPS

Three Phase No Neutral UPS

Three Phase No Neutral UPS

Rack Mount 1-20KVA UPS

Rack Mount 1-20KVA UPS

Modular UPS 6-36KVA

ERMS Modular UPS 6-36KVA

Digital 20-400KVA UPS

DSM Digital 20-400KVA UPS

Rack Mount Inverter 1-3KVA

Rack Mount Inverter 1-3KVA

Inverter 3-18KVA

DTP Modular Inverter 3-18KVA

High Voltage DC Power System

High Voltage DC Power System

Static Transfer Switch

DPQ Static Transfer Switch



Why Sicon

NO.1 Modular UPS market share in China
More than ten years of experience in the power electronics product development, production, sales, service
More than 100 people R&D Team

More than 100 intellectual property rights


Micro Data Center Solution

Micro Data Center Solution

A rack cabinet as basic unit, integrating cooling,power supply and distribution module, network, cabling, monitoring etc..

All the components can be prefabricated inmanufacturer. Flexible disassembly, quick assembly

Data Center 2N Power Solution

2N Power Solution

Provide two independent power sources to protect the electrical systems against unexpected power failure. The loads are powered by both power sources, or the two sources feed power independently to theirown loads.

Success Case

Sicon Join hand with APEC 2014
Join hand with APEC 2014

Sicon UPS with high reliability, easy expansion,high efficiency and low THDI, ensures safe and reliable power supply during the conference.

Low carbon, environmental

friendly is fit for the "green" concept

advocated by the APEC conference.

Range International IDC

Range International IDC

Sicon green UPS are successfully used in Range IDC projects, providing overall power supply for key load.

With high efficiency, energy saving, greatly improve the power utilization rate, ensure the safety of power supply.

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