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Micro Data Center

Integrated, smart, mini, server room Complete server room solution with rack, power, cooling and environment monitoring
Fully integrated, fast deployment
Energy saving, small foot print
High availability, low total cost of ownership.

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Genius 6000 integrates power, cooling, racks, environment monitoring components plus services for a complete server room solution. Micro data center is a fully integrated, industry-leading plug-and-play solution with a ready to use IT rack space. The standard and modular server room architecture dramatically reduces time and complexity from concept and design through installation. Complete physical infrastructure delivers high availability and efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership
    1.Fully integrated - complete physical infrastructure, factory assembled and testing
    2.Fast deployment - ready to use from day one, Simple installation and configuration reduces time to deploy
    3.Dust protection and noise insulation - fully closed operation, cold/hot air is circulated within the rack, low noise level.
    4.Integrated monitor - energy usage monitoring, remote outlet control and automation of your server room
    5.Highly Efficient - built-in high efficiency UPS and cooling equipment
    6.Higher performance - increase in power and cooling capacity, expanding lifespan of IT equipment, small footprint
    Small businesses or branch offices 
    Small & medium sized business office telecommunication sites
    Retail stores, government, educational institutions, healthcare
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Product :  Precision Air Conditioning
4.5KW cooling capacity, Split type: 4U,Integral type: 8U
frequency conversion technology, microcomputer temperature control
refrigeration, dehumidification, air supply and dust elimination. 
R134 compressor, high performance, industrial fan
Dual safety condensed water collecting device

Precision Air Conditioning
Product :  UPS
Two available options: ERMS-12 modular UPS, or DSP-6KVA rack mount UPS
provide pure uninterruptable power supply to critical IT equipment
When AC power off, battery provide backup time to load 
Remote shutdown function, remote turn off secondary server, to ensure running of critical sever 

Sicon Modular UPS
Product :  Lithium Battery Pack
High-rate, power type, lithium batteries 
Discharge capacity of 3.7C, adapt to various load
Battery Management System (BMS) with functions of battery status monitoring 
and assessment, charging and discharging control, balancing and so on

Lithium Battery Pack

Product :  Environment Monitoring Unite 
Detect temperature, humidity, access control, water cut and smoke inside the cabinet
Carry out alarm and fault treatment timely

Environment Monitoring Unite

Product :  Power Management & PDU
Power management breakers for power, cooling, lighting; inbuilt SPD 
PDU: outlets switched PDU distribute power to IT equipment 

Power Management & PDU

Product :  Integrated Monitoring
User friendly colorful touch screen 
Real time monitoring and display of environmental and operation parameters 
Alarm management, local alarm, network alarm and self-protection
SNMP V1/V2 protocol; RJ45 interface

Integrated Monitoring

Traditional Server Room Genius 6000
Room preparation Required and complex Not required
Design and construction Multi-vendor Factory designed and pre-configured
Power distribution Require wall mounted DB box Build in system
Cost of preparation High Low
Install period 2-3 weeks 1 day
Area required 10 - 20sqm 0.72sqm
Dust prevention Usually not available, high cost Fully enclosed system
Noise level High noise Low noise, suitable for office
Monitoring system Individual systems Fully Integrated system
Low capability Factory Installed / Connected / Tested
Low integration
Relocation cost High, Difficult Low, Easy


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