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DHP RM Inverter 1-3KVA

DC-AC inverter
DC input: 48VDC, 110VDC or 220VDC
AC output: 220VAC Pure sine wave, single phase

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    DHP11 series Inverter is DC-AC sine wave inverter. 
    It is rated for 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA at 48 V, 110V, 220 V, 50Hz. 
    It is designed for telecommunication and electric power equipments. 
    1.SPWM modulation, microprocessor, and software program technology all contribute to the reliability and stability of the inverter
    2.Using industry level microprocessor device from INTE, MICROCHIP
    3.Rated power: 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA
    4.AC input first or DC input first can be choice by client
    5.Human friendly interactive LCD Display
    6.DC input: 48 V, 110V, 220 V
    7.Communication: RS232, dry contact
    8.Protections: With Input over/Low voltage protection; output over/Low voltage protection; output overload, short circuit protection; over temperature protection, battery Low voltage protection alarm or shutdown
    elecommunication station, electrical substation and environments with poor utility grid conditions.
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Model DHP11-1KVA DHP11-2KVA DHP11-3KVA
Rated Capacity 1KVA 2 kVA 3 kVA
Input DC input rated voltage 48VDC, 110VDC, 220VDC
range 40V~60V, 92V~132V, 187V~264V
AC input rated voltage 220VAC(single phase)
AC input voltage range 176~264VAC
AC input frequency range 47Hz~53Hz
power factor Comply with EN605552
output output voltage 220VAC±3% (DC input)
power factor 0.7 ( inductive load, capacitive load )
voltage distortion ≤3%(linear load); ≤8%(non-linear load)
frequency 50Hz±0.5%
peak factor 3:01
overall efficiency ≥88% (DC input)
dynamic response transient range output voltage ≤10%(load 10%~100% or 100~10%)
acoustic noise:(1m) ≤55dB
environment operating temperature -5℃~40℃
relative humidity 0~95%non-cadency
operating altitude ≤1000m
ambient temperature -40℃~70℃
others cooling Air cooling with fan
protection IP20
Dimension(W*D*H)mm 430*250*88
weight ≤5kg


Subject: DHP RM Inverter 1-3KVA


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