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Sicon - global specialist in power electronic R&D, manufacturer and marketing , provide total solution for three business sectors: data center infrastructure, electric vehicle charge and green energy storage.We focus on sustainable development and dedicate in building a better world .

Sicon Products

CMS Modular UPS 150-250KVA (Hot-swappable, Field-replaceable STS, N+X redundancy)
Rack Independent UPS Modular 25-200kVA (Rack independent, Full UPS functioned UPS Module)
Data Center And Facility UPS 350-800KVA (N+X redundancy, 50KVA UPS module)

ERMS Modular UPS 6-36KVA (High Frequency MODULAR UPS, 6kVA UPS Module)


Sicon Solutions

Why modular UPS

Industrial Modular UPS N+X Solution

2N Power Solution

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