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Micro Data Center Solution


I.Find demands from market
As the coming of big data times, its influence has spread to various industries, such as small enterprises, base stations, bank outlets, railway stations etc.. Management software and modern paperless office have greatly improved working efficiency, but meanwhile have brought amounts of data storage and exchanges. If the server suffers power outage during data storage or exchanges, these data will be lost and cause enterprise damages. Under this circumstance, the construction of server room is extremely urgent.
II.Find solutions from question
Problem-1 Deployment: For the changing demands, IT infrastructure department is required to provide rapid and flexible supports. Therefore, IT room deployment needs to guarantee speed and quality, meanwhile needs to consider future expansion during deployment. While, because of the small-scale rooms which were mostly rebuilt from working offices, it is difficult to create the required operating conditions for IT equipment. The numerous defects in design and implementation bring large potential hazards for the availability and safety of the IT room.
Problem-2 Reliability: Server outages will bring the most direct impact for business benefits. Therefore, the power distribution environment, safety facilities and power supply equipment should have extremely high reliability and quality to cope with damages and ensure data safety. However, non-standard IT room construction may probably lead to accumulated equipment and disordered circuits. Due to the different equipment suppliers, its maintenance is doubly difficult.
Problem-3 Cost: In face of competition, enterprises should not only guarantee data safety, but also control budget cost in IT room construction, operation and maintenance etc.. Equipment investment must be all-round; cost must be low; operation must be reliable and energy-efficient; system maintenance must be simple and intelligent.

Sicon Solution

Micro Data Center

Definition of Micro Data Center

A rack cabinet as basic unit, integrating cooling, power supply and distribution module, network, cabling, monitoring etc..

All the components can be prefabricated in manufacturer. Flexible disassembly, quick assembly.

Function as a complete data center, same size with a standard cabinet. So call it as Micro Data Center, or MDC for short.
MDC can take place of small data center or server room, with 3kw or 12kw power IT equipment inside.
MDC can satisfy high-degree protection demands, such as IP 56, burglarproof degree 2-4.

33 U Server Space Solution

33 U Server Space Solution
7KW cooling
12KVA power capacity
40Ah lithium battery pack, 1 hour discharging guaranteed
IP56, burglarproof degree 2-6
(one-stop shopping, one-cabinet delivery)

33U+42U Server Space Solution
33U+42U Server Space Solution
14KW cooling
24KVA power capacity
80Ah lithium battery pack, 1 hour discharging guaranteed
IP56, burglarproof degree 2-6
(expansion and integration solution)

33U+42U+XU Server Space Solution

33U+42U+XU Server Space Solution
14KW cooling
24KVA+XKVA power capacity
80Ah+XAh lithium battery pack, 1 hour discharging guaranteed
IP56, burglarproof degree 2-6
(expansion and integration solution)

Modular UPS

Modular UPS

The system uses ERMS-12/6 UPS,which as the power source of cabinet switch and server, protects

critical equipment from mains fluctuation, quick flash, electrical spike and high harmonics. When AC

power off, UPS still can supply for critical equipment though battery. When battery discharging

comes to the end, the server can be shut off in advance by network shutdown function, thus

maximally ensuring normal operation of critical equipment and avoiding power-off losses.

High-Rate Lithium Battery Pack

High-Rate Lithium Battery Pack

Battery pack, the emergency power source when AC power off, is required to have better discharging

characteristics. The battery pack used in this solution is high-magnification Panasonic lithium batteries

with 3.7Cdischarge capacity and can adapt to various loads. Meanwhile, it contains BMS system

which can monitor battery state, improve battery utilization and prevent over-charging and

over-discharging, thus extending the service life of batteries.

Micro Data Center Benefit

Intelligent Management: automatically monitor all the equipment and system running status, including battery automatic maintenance management
Safe and Reliable: safety perception, safety precaution, safety-controllable, Safety Management.
Energy efficient: Rack Precision Air Conditioning provides precise temperature control for the closed space of intelligent MDC.

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Postal Savings Bank In Sichuan China

Due to the high cost and long construction period for a new server room in Sichuan Postal

Savings Bank, Sicon MDC integrated cabinet helped the customer resolve all the troubles

and provided 2 sets of 12KVA integrated cabinet.

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