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  • 1980-1989
    SICON started developing and producing UPS, SMPS, and electronic reactor;

  • 1990
    SICON became the first to apply IGBT replacing transistor in UPS devices, and thus substantially improved the operating frequency, increased the UPS efficiency, reduced the size and weight, enabled parallel operation of multiple UPS devices, and significantly enhanced system reliability

  • 2003
    UPS (30KVA-600KVA) adopting the fifth generation smart 12-pulserectification technology was developed. SPMW inverter technology and efficient digital power device PIGBT were combined, together with DSP technology and advanced SMD design, to endow UPS with better technical performance and higher reliability.

  • 2004
    Firstly launched communications-dedicated modular UPS with conforming to communications industry standards. Evolving from the fifth generation smart 12-pulse rectification technology into IGBT rectification technology, UPS input index completely complied with green power supply standards.

  • 2005
    Launched the latest generation IGBT+SPWM high frequency UPS products, unit capacity ranging from 20 KVA to 200 KVA. Aiming at electric power industry application characters, SICON first launched electric-power-dedicated modular UPS products, and provided the electric power industry with a new power supply solution with high reliability.

  • 2006
    Multi-standard modular UPS was released in the market, with excellent technical index (PF0.99, THD≤3%), leading-edge circuit engineering (ACMC rectification technology, sequence master-slave synchronization control technology, multi-level distributed control technology, and three-order sinusoidal wave inverting), and advanced design concept. A wave of developing modular and integrated power products was raised in the industry.

  • 2008
    Smart, small-size, environment-friendly embedded modular UPS products, applying with DSP control technology, were released, and filled the blank in medium and low power modular UPS.

  • 2011
    Single 40 KVA module with maximum power density and minimum size was launched.  It possessed outstanding performance index, adopted new parallel technology, and enabled parallel operation of four systems with 2560 KVA utmost.

  • 2013
    Integrated HVDC UPS especially for date center was launched. It adopted three-phase active power factor correction, three-level cascade resonance soft switching, full-digital DSP control, and many other advanced technologies, and was regarded as the UPS with maximum power density and minimum size in the industry.

  • 2014
    Opening of the European Subsidiary in the Netherlands taken care of sales, installation and service on the SCU product range.

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