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Due to inconsistant construction standards, high construction costs, long cycle, low utilization rate of charging facilities,conventional charging station operation and maintenance cost is high, often resulting in investment income imbalance。

Sicon Solution

New Energy Charging Station

New Energy Charging Station

Integration of new energy charging station is a breakthrough in creative response to this situation.

Adopting modular, standardized design concept, according to user requirements to

achieve dynamic growth, which can realize the priority use of new

energy, at the same time can also be in through diversified income channels in the

absence of any car. It consists of photovoltaic, storage batteries, power router

(bus, two-way converter, low-voltage power distribution units) and charging

facilities, with good flexibility, high integration, enabling fast and flexible deployment,

and is a standard, integrated charging station.

System advantages: standardized, modularization, integrated, green energy saving,

revenue diversification

EV charging system

System Feature
1.Green renewable energy

2.Modularized, standardized structure of energy storage lithium battery cabinet and bidirectional energy storage device.

3.To realize the grid load shifting and Priority to the use of new energy sources, rational allocation

of resources, optimize the return on investment ratio through the energy storage device.

4. one pile multi terminal structure
5.Small volume
6.High efficiency
7.Safety measures are equipped within the station
8.Intelligent interactive cloud platform
9.Standardized, scale

Products We Offer

>> New Energy Charging Station
>> DC Fast Charging Station
>> AC Charging Station
>> AC-DC Charging Module
>> On-Board Car Charger


EV charging project

China POVETIO Project
Sicon, as the core supplier of China POVETIO, provides many series of charging facilities every year.

With advanced R& D technology and Technical reserves, Sicon launched many new charging

facilities with high performance, meeting the demand of POVETIO and built a close cooperation

relationship with POVETIO.

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