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With our 14-year product design experience, and 24-hour, 365-day service support, you can be sure your facility uptime is maximised.
Sicon offers expert services to maintain and upgrade our products and to address any other power quality and power control needs you may have.
Key services include:
preventive maintenance
extended warranty
Refurbishment and upgrade programmes
engineering services

Preventive maintenance services
One of the best ways to protect your  investment is by including a service contract with your product sales. Scheduled preventive maintenance can help detect a wide range of problems before they become serious and costly issues.
In fact, research indicates that regular preventive maintenance is crucial in order to achieve maximum performance from equipment. Studies show that routine preventive maintenance can significantly reduce the likelihood that a UPS will succumb to downtime. Sicon offer several levels of preventive maintenance cover backed by an online service programme that permits inspection without interfering with the equipment’s normal operation.

Extended warranty
An extended warranty (or basic warranty) may also be purchased for many UPS products. A warranty commonly covers specified parts and labour such as electronic components for a fixed period of time. It will not include 24/7 coverage or arrival response times, nor will it include preventive maintenance, although extra services can be purchased in addition to a warranty extension. The more services added to a warranty, the closer it becomes to a support agreement.

Easy upgrades through modular design
Upgrades of Sicon products such as UPS, PDU, Inverter and DC Fast Charging Station are easy and cost-effective due to their modular design. Upgrade modules can be incorporated without major re-working of or disruption to existing installations.
As we evaluate and improve our product range we take great care to ensure that all current models are backward compatible. This means customers can enjoy the advantages of technological improvements as soon as they become available.

24-hour, 365-day support
Full telephone engineering support and advice is available to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the Sicon Technical Support Line.

14-year life and support
As Sicon products are manufactured for a 14 years lifespan. We have stocking strategies in place to maintain adequate stock levels of all components and spare parts well into the future.

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