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B-direction Converter

Constant current charge, constant voltage charge
constant power charge, timing charge
RS485, CAN and Ethernet communication methods
Compatible with various batteries: lithium battery, lead-acid battery, flow battery and super-capacitor

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In the electrical power system, energy storage system plays an important role with functions of demand side energy management, substation grid support, load balance, renewable energy application etc.
    1.The converter system consists of control cabinet, transformer cabinet and module cabinet.
    2.All converter modules are hot swap, true modular converter
    3.50KVA each converter module, online increase to 500KVA by adding modules
    4.Bi-direction inversion for storage battery charging and discharging;
    5.Support both grid-connected mode and individual inversion mode, Seamless handoff between two modes
    6.Constant current charge, constant voltage charge, constant power charge and timing charge;
    7.Constant current discharge, limit voltage discharge, constant power discharge and timing discharge ;
    8.LVRT, active power adjustment and reactive power compensation;
    9.Receive grid dispatches; RS485, CAN and Ethernet communication methods;
    10.Compatible with various batteries: lithium battery, lead-acid battery, flow battery and super-capacitor;
    11.Continuous full power operation at -25℃- +55℃;
    12.Applicable to high-altitude harsh environment, reliable and continuous operation.
Modular converters are dedicated to charging/discharging the storage battery and providing intermediate link between the grid and the storage battery in different occasions, including grid-connected system, off grid system and hybrid system.
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Power 250kW 400kW 500kW
DC input
Max DC power 250kW 400kW 500kW
Max DC voltage 820V
Operation voltage 500-800V
Min DC voltage 480V
Max DC current 550A 880A 1100A
AC output
Rated power 250kW 400kW 500kW
Max AC power 275kVA(continues) 440kVA(continues) 550kVA(continues)
Max AC current 397A 635A 794A
Max THDI 3% (rated power)
Rated grid voltage 400V
Permitted grid voltage range 315-450V
Rated grid frequency 50/60Hz
Permitted grid frequency range 4752Hz/5762Hz
Power factor(rated power) 0.99
Isolated transformer internal
Power factor range 0.9(leading) 0.9(lagging)
Individual inverter voltage setup range 370410V
Individual inverter output voltage distortion 3% (linear load)
Unbalanced load 1
Individual inverter voltage transition rang 10% (resistive load 0% =100% )
Individual inverter peak factor 0.125694444
General parameters
Dimension (W*D*H)mm 1200*1000*2000 2600*1000*2000 2600*1000*2000
Weight 1500kg 2800kg 3000kg
Operation temperature -3055
Cooling Forced air cooling
Protection degree IP30
Relative humidity 0-95% no condense
Max altitude 1500m
Display Touch screen
communication RS-232/485, LAN, TCP/IP, dry contact


Subject: B-direction Converter


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