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Data Center and Facility

  • Micro Data Center - SICON
    Micro Data Center

    Integrated, smart, mini, server room Complete server room solution with rack, power, cooling and environment monitoring Fully integrated, fast deployment Energy saving, small foot print High availability, low total cost of ownership.

  • UPS System
    Data Center And Facility UPS

    Reduandant, scalable arichitecture 96% efficency, highest reliability data centre and facility UPS protects the critical applications System Capicity: 50kVA - 3200kVA Module Capicity: 50kVA 3/3, 3/1, 1/3, 1/1; 50/60Hz; BOTTOM/TOP feed High Frequency MODULAR UPS Modular,hot-swappable, field-replaceable STS, monitor, UPS module Scalable from 50KVA to 800KVA. Parallel-capable up to 3200KVA

  • Li-Ion Battery Pack
    UPS Lithium-Ion Battery_ 10Ah

    Battery Cell: 3.2V5Ah Battery Pack: 240V10Ah

  • Li-ion Battery Rack, ESS Battery System
    UPS Lithium-Ion Battery_ 92Ah

    Battery Cell: 3.2V92Ah Battery Pack: 51.2V92Ah Battery Rack: ±240V92Ah Battery Rack (±256V92Ah)


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