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Training target:

To ensure customers could operate and maintenance the UPS effectively, using interactive form,we provide professional training of UPS products and maintenance.It makes Sicon UPSs and Sicon customer value-added, meanwhile spread Sicon culture.

Training content:

1. Company profile

2. History of UPS development

3. UPS brief introduction

4. UPS block diagram

5. UPS operating principle

6. Function and importance of UPS

7. Hands-zn demo for the (SNMP) connectivity solution

8. Kinds of Battery

9. Charging characteristic

10. Discharging characteristic

11. Battery maintenance

12. UPS Startup

13. UPS Shutdown

14. UPS display

15. Common trouble-shooting

16. Common trouble-shooting

17. UPS parallel principle

18. UPS components

19. Startup & Shutdown operation instruction

20. Trainee operation

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