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Data Center △2N Power Solution


Data centers are facing challenges of growing demands for higher revenues, and improved customer experience and greater operational efficiency. In order to meet these demands, data center professionals face unprecedented complexity.

Sicon Solution

Data Center Power Solution

There are many critical computers and other load equipment in modern data center,

which has very strict requirement on power supply system. Easy maintenance, easy

expansion, fault tolerance, cost-effective, and energy saving are all data center user’s

concern.2N power solution and △2N power solution both apply to the data center

equipment. Now we introduce △2N power solution in details

△2N power solution Benefit

1) Normal condition, double bus solution for each group of load. Each UPS could bear load of 66% of rated power max.
2) If one UPS fails, the remaining two UPSs share the three group of load.

Products We Offer

>> 50KVA--100KVA   UPS System(Based On 10KVA Ups Module)
>> 150KVA--250KVA  UPS System(Based On 25KVA Ups Module)
>> 350KVA--800KVA  UPS System(Based On 50KVA Ups Module)


Join hand with APEC

Join hand with APEC

APEC Conference was one of the largest and top level major international multilateral

activity held in China. Sicon provided perfect tailored integrated overall power
supply solution. Sicon UPS with high reliability, easy expansion, high efficiency and
low THDI, ensures safe and reliable power supply during the conference. Low
carbon, environmental friendly is fit for the "green" concept advocated by the APEC conference.

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