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New Energy Charging Station

Prior utilization of new energy——Complementary power from wind-solar energy
Supplementary power from utility grid
Standby power from lithium battery cabinet

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Electric vehicle charging infrastructure mainly contains charging station and its accessorial facilities, such as charger, charging station monitoring system, charging piles, power distribution rooms and safety protection facilities. Charger is the core equipment of the charging station. 
    1.Green renewable energy——adopting wind and solar energy, which are endowed by the nature, clean, safe and noiseless.
    2.Modularized, standardized structure of energy storage lithium battery cabinet and bidirectional energy storage device is the important prerequisite for applying renewable energy and the effective measure of     achieving interactive management of utility grid.
    3.Adopting discrete structure, electric vehicle charging station is equipped with the cabinet inside and charging pile outside for safety concerns.
    4.Small volume——integrated charging design, small footprint, close to the parking lots, is environmental friendly, land saving and low equipment investment.
    5.High efficiency——high efficiency of power utilizing, 95% conversion efficiency, reduces equipment operating costs.
    6.The safety measures are equipped within the station, which includes power distribution monitoring, charging monitoring, device and environment monitoring. The data transferred to maintenance personnel in real time to achieve unattended operation.
    7.Intelligent interactive cloud platform, has functions as follow: cloud platform operation management system, cloud big data management, standardized Internet interface achieving intelligent connection and     interaction among people, vehicle, devices and the cloud service, which is easy maintenance, saves investment and labor.
    8.Standardized, scale, easy for expansion, movement, maintenance and fast installation and deployment, achieves the least investment and the optimal allocated solution.
    New energy solution
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Subject: New Energy Charging Station


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