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Sicon with his lifetime experience in power electronics has made a high efficient B-directional converter technology available that in combination with Sicon Lithium battery solutions introduces a range of energy storage possibilities from homeowners to industry applications.

Sicon Solution

Sicon B-direction converter

B-direction converter
B-direction converters are dedicated to charging/discharging the storage battery and providing intermediate

link between the grid and the storage battery in different occasions, including grid-connected system, off

grid system and hybrid system.

Application: Peak Shifting, Micro Grid, renewable energy, industrial use

Lithium battery

Lithium battery

Design idea: standard 18650 lithium ion battery, standard battery module, and then modular battery cabinet.

Compared with lead acid battery, lithium battery features with small volume, high power density, long life span,

igh discharge rate, high temperature.

Application: with b-direction converter in energy storage and with UPS in datacenter.

battery management system

BMS (battery management system)

Measurement, measures general information of battery such as voltage, current, and temperature, etc
Diagnosis, diagnoses the safety of battery and detects errors
Control, controlsthe battery temperatures and cell balancing
Communication, provides battery data by communicating with PCBs and operating system

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>> Lead Carbon Battery
>> Lithium Battery
>> Battery Management System
>> B-direction Converter

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