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Power Conversion System (PCS) 250kw

Modular Multifunctional  PCS 50-250KW;

Wide DC input range;

Off grid inverting function

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MPCS adopts advanced digital control technology, optimizes the control performance, improves the reliability of the system, and realizes the uninterrupted switching between on-grid discharge, on-grid charging and off-grid operation. PCS system has a wide DC input range, which can better meet the charge and discharge requirements of different battery combinations. At the same time, PCS system adopts modular design in structure and power, which increases the diversity of battery connection and reduces the number of parallel battery groups under the same power output. It can better manage the battery, improve the battery life and the economic benefits of the energy storage system.


  • The system includes grid connection mode, off grid mode, hybrid mode and other working modes;
  • Three level control technology, high efficiency and high power quality;
  • It can accept power grid dispatching,with RS485, CAN, Ethernet and other communication modes;
  • Low voltage ride through and reactive power compensation function;
  • Off grid inverting function, miro-grid composed of energy storage battery, PCS and PV battery board, to ensure uninterrupted power supply;
  • 100% unbalanced load capacity during off grid operation;
  • 110% of rated output power can be operated for a long time;
  • Adopt AC and DC dual input redundant power supply to ensure stable operation of control point source;
  • Modular system design improves the diversity of connection between battery pack and PCS system;
  • Adopt forward wind and up wind mode for full frontal maintenance.

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Model / Power

EHPCS-50/5050 kW

EHPCS-100/50100 kW

 EHPCS-150/50150 kW

 EHPCS-200/50200 kW

 EHPCS-250/50,250 kW

DC parameter

voltage range when full load (V)


AC parameter

Rated grid voltage (V)

3W+N+PE, 380

Rated grid frequency (Hz)


Basic parameter

Max. efficiency


Isolation mode

option isolated transfomer

On/off grid switching

STSoption without STS


Touch screen

Communication interface


Communication protocol





Subject: Power Conversion System (PCS) 250kw


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