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Industrial Modular UPS N+X Solution


Industrial UPS power supply environment is relatively poor, such as: poor ventilation, humidity, dust and many other adverse conditions on the UPS.In such a harsh environment for the UPS, it should have very strong adaptability , and industrial users require high reliability of power supply system, low investment costs, operating under such harsh conditions but also to ensure reliability and investment costs.

Sicon Solution

modular UPS N+X solution

In the world of data centers, an N+1 system, also called parallel redundancy, and is a safeguard to

ensure that an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is always available. Compare with

standalone UPS 1+1 solution, modular UPS N+X solution features with high reliability and high

cost-efficiency. Only available to get 1 fixed redundancy on standalone UPS 1+1 solution, in modular

ups each power module could be the X as redundancy which gets higher reliability

In the construction of information network power supplying system of industrial users, they always wrongly estimate the capacity of high-end UPS to lead the too high purchasing costs for the result that cannot be satisfied with the loads' requirements or cause the resources, spaces and energy waste situations etc. modular (N+X) can effectively resolve this problem through the extensible module structure, it can help the users to make the next-step UPS construction and investment in the future. When the requirement of using power loads of users is increasing we just need to add the power module piece by the using power planning stage, meanwhile, through the modular integration the expansible requirement of system is able to be satisfied fully and also has the flexible mobility and better reliability which will be the milestone in the power supply protection fields.

Modular UPS Benefit

Availability: hot swap modules, standardization, modular, N+X redundancy
Scalability: Scalable power modules, online expansion, power scale and runtime scale
Manageability: online add or remove module, online maintenance, MTTR=5 mines, tool less module replacement
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):Up to 96% efficiency, pay as grow, cost effective

Products we offer

>> 50KVA--100KVA   UPS System(Based On 10KVA Ups Module)
>> 150KVA--250KVA  UPS System(Based On 25KVA Ups Module)
>> 350KVA--800KVA  UPS System(Based On 50KVA Ups Module)


Sicon UPS Airport project

Airport project
In transportation field, Sicon UPS are widely used in airport, highway projects, including

Beijingairport, Shanghai airport, Chongqing airport, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Sichuan highway

projects, With excellent product performance, good after-sales service has won the

praise of customers.

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