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Modular UPS 50-500kW (Li-ion BATT)

System Capicity: 50kW - 500kW

Module Capicity: 50kW

Wire in/out mode: 1/1, 1/3, 3/1, 3/3

Monitor module, bypass module and power module all are online hot swappable
Overall efficiency >96% (AC-AC), inverter efficiency >98% (DC-AC), input THDI<3%, input PF>0.99

Output PF 1

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Sicon CMS modular UPS, special used to IDC data center, is a high-end product launched to market by sicon adopting “Energy saving, green, environmental protection” concept. It delivers the best combination of rectifier, filter, charger, inverter and intelligent power protection. Applying innovative current sharing rectifier control, master-slave synchronization in sequence control, multi-level decentralized control and 3-level sine wave modulation technology, it features great efficiency, flexibility and reliability, reduces the investment, operation, maintenance cost.
CMS series modular UPS is a new type modular UPS, which integrated digital technology and new semiconductor technology, can completely eliminate the impact of various grid problems on key loads. Adopting 50KVA power modules, it features high power density, reliable, high efficiency and intelligence, provides ideal power supply protection for customers’ large and medium places.


• Adopting modular structure, composed of monitor module, bypass module, control module and power module in parallel, power module N+X redundancy, hot swappable and scalable online.

• Parallel-capable up to 4sets UPS, meet N+1, 2N, △ 2N requirements;
• Monitor module, bypass module and power module all are hot swappable online;
• Wire in/out mode: 1/1, 1/3, 3/1, 3/3;
• Adopting non master-slave control, multi-level decentralized control eliminating the system failure bottleneck;
• All power modules share the batteries;
• Perfect battery management function: Battery self-discharge function, auto-transfer between floating and equal charging, temperature compensation and automatic share current;
• Any module has balanced distribution function for input, output and charging power;
• Overall efficiency >96% (AC-AC), inverter efficiency >98% (DC-AC), input THDI<3%, input PF>0.99;
• Continuous current mode (CCM) is adopted for AC input to reduce interference to power grid (RFI/EMI);
• Appearance in accordance with industry specifications. Can meet the load-bearing requirements of ordinary buildings with small size and weight;
• Option input and output K value isolation transformer;
• Standard configuration with manual maintenance breaker, RS232, RS484/RS422 communication ports and remote monitor software. Option SNMP, SPD and input&output breaker;
• Multiple work mode: online, ECO, iECO mode;
• System has energy storage function.


IDC date center · Government · Telecom · Bank · Security · Transportation · Broadcast&TV network · HealthCare · Communication · E-business · Finance · etc.

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