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2N Power Solution
Time : 2019-08-14


TIER 3 Data Center are a highly efficient data centre that would be simple to upgrade and able to facilitate mixed densities to accommodate different customer requirements. The facility needed to be scalable for future growth without disruption to existing clients, as well as robust and resilient to protect customers’ data and ensure business continuity. Cost efficiency was also important and, as part of this, the whitespace had to be maximised and the existing power infrastructure incorporated in the design.


In the cases of TIER3 and TIER4 Data Center’s demand , 2N power mode is the safest with the best security solution. 2N power solution, provide two independent power sources to protect the electrical systems against unexpected power failure. The loads are powered by both power sources, or the two sources feed power independently to their own loads.
At a data center, a 2N system contains double the amount of equipment needed that run separately with no single points of failure. These 2N systems are far more reliable than an N+1 system because they offer a fully redundant system that can be easily maintained on a regular basis without losing any power to subsequent systems.  In the event of an extended power outage, a 2N system will still keep things up and running.
Also,Sicon modular UPS 2N system can solve the circulation between each other UPS modules, synchronization and control of single point of bottlenecks or failure; its zero risk online maintenance and upgrade expansion, satisfy the need of the late development of the user; Modest investment in equipment, does not need one-time investment in place. Also the later maintenance and operation cost of equipment are low, to fully meet the higher demand of TⅣlevel users. This modular UPS 2N system application has become the most choice.

2N Power Solution

Modular UPS Benefit

Availability: hot swap modules, standardization, modular, N+X redundancy
Scalability: Scalable power modules, online expansion, power scale and runtime scale
Manageability: online add or remove module, online maintenance, MTTR=5 mines, tool less module replacement
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):Up to 96% efficiency, pay as grow, cost effective

Products We Offer

>>50KVA--100KVA   UPS System(Based On 10KVA Ups Module)
>>150KVA--250KVA  UPS System(Based On 25KVA Ups Module)
>>350KVA--800KVA  UPS System(Based On 50KVA Ups Module)


Telecom Data Center--3.2MW

China Unicom


China Unicom is officially established on 6 January 2009 on the basis of the merger of former China Netcom and former China Unicom. It has subsidiaries in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across China and many countries and regions around the world. China Unicom has undergone considerable growth in recent years and is working with an increasing number of customers join them. As a result of this rapid expansion the company needed to develop a resilient and highly energy efficient data center that was scalable to meet the company’s precise business and operational needs now and in the future.

N Power Solution

Sicon proposes 2N Power Solution and 16 sets of CMS-400/40 System for the China Unicom, with each 2N Power System consisting of two sets of UPS system, achieving a total 3.2 MW power.Also 2N solution and modular UPS N+X redundancy meet the demands of Tier4 Data Center.

Sicon modular UPS N+X redundancy

Scalability–Sicon CMS series UPS is a flexible modular structure.UPS module can be added online, without forced shutdowns, it is pay as you grow.
Efficiency– 2N solution and modular UPS N+X redundancy meet the demands of Tier4 Data Center.
Availability– high levels of resilience with 2N UPS and electrical infrastructure.
We are increasingly the partner of choice for data center owners and operators because of our proven approach to delivering high performance Modular Data Center Infrastructure to meet precise business needs and operational requirements.

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