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CMS Modular UPS 120 KVA

System Capacity: 120 KVA
Module Capacity: 40KVA
3/3, 3/1, 1/3, 1/1; 50/60Hz; BOTTOM/TOP feed
High Frequency MODULAR UPS
Choice of UPS module result in rational redundancy
Modular, hot-swappable, field-replaceable STS, monitor, UPS module.

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CMS UPS units are non-isolated, industrial level, green UPS, adopting advanced modular power protection concept. CMS Modular architecture can scale power as demand grows or as higher levels of availability are required. CMS UPS is industry-leading efficiency, availability, and performance for small, medium, and large data centers and mission critical environments.

Automatic control system of data rooms, communication rooms and power industry, power supply system of petrochemical industry, security prevention system of intelligent building and other mission critical environments.


  1.Rational redundant structure
  2.UPS module: 40kVA; System: 120kVA
  3.Online hot swappable: all module online hot swappable, maintenance, expansion.
  4.Great performance index:
     Overall efficiency ≥ 95%(AC-AC), inverter efficiency ≥ 98%(DC-AC), THDI ≤ 5%, and input PF﹥0.99, N+X module-level redundancy UPS System
  5. Multi-level decentralized control technology and Master-slave synchronization in sequency control which result in eliminate system failure bottleneck
  6.Each module automatically even shares the input and output current, all UPS modules share batteries
  7. Battery management: Battery discharge management, auto-transfer between floating and even charging, temperature compensation
  8.Space-saving high density design, Rack-based for agility and aesthetics
  9. Standard configuration: Manual maintenance bypass, SPD(Class C), RS232, RS485 Communication ports, SNMP (optional), Remote monitor software, dry contacts
  10. Optional configuration:
        EPO, Input/output Transformer, Battery Bank, IPDS (Intelligent Power Distribution System)


Small and medium-sized data center,  government, telecom, bank, security, transportation, broadcast &TV network, HealthCare, Communication, E-business, Finance, etc.

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Product: CMS-120

• Adaptable 40 to 120 kVA power capacity
• 40 kVA UPS module (CM40)
• Configuration: 3 slots
• Components: STS module, Monitor module, UPS module, Power distribution
• Top or bottom feed
• System Dimension: 600*1000*1600 (W*D*H) mm
• Module Dimension: 482*700*176 (W*D*H) mm

CMS-120/40 Modular UPS

CMS System model CMS-120
Maximum power 120 kVA
Power module model 40 kVA
Mains Input Input mode 3-phase +N  +G
Input voltage 380Vac
Voltage tolerance -20%~+20%
Input frequency 45~65HZ
Power woke-in (Sec.) 60sec
THDI (%) ≤5%
Input PF 0.99
Bypass Input Input voltage ±20%
Input frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Range of Frequency Synchro 50 Hz±4%, 60 Hz±4%
DC Input Rated Input voltage ±240VDC
Input voltage tolerance ±210V ~ ±278V DC
Battery charging Charging current limited yes
Charging ability 10 hours (2 hours back up)
Stability of charging voltage ±1%
AC output power factor 1
Output voltage 380Vac
Output frequency ±2Hz; ±0.1(battery supply)
Output voltage stability ±1%
Output voltage recovering time 20ms (load 0~100% change)
Overload ability 125%,10min
Transfer from mains to battery supply 0ms
Transfer from bypass to inverter supply <4ms
Peak factor 2.5:1
THDI  3% with linear load /  6% with non-linear load
Overall efficiency ≥95%
Load share precision ≤5%
Operation environment Ambient temperature -25 - 60
Operating temperature -5℃~40
Max operation altitude 1500m
Relative humidity 0- 95%, non-cadency
Protection degree IP21(IP31 Option)
Cooling Air cooling
Acoustic noise(1 m distance) ≤55dB
Others Dimension(W×D×H)mm 600×1000×1600
Interface Standard: RS232, RS485 and 6 dry contact. Optional: SNMP
Display Touch LCD/LED Screen
Weight(kg) 125


Subject: CMS Modular UPS 120 KVA


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