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CMS Rack independent UPS
Time : 2016-03-13

To facilitate in row UPS rack solutions, SCU has designed the CMS Rack independent UPS. It is a modular UPS including base unite, sub module frame, and UPS modules that fits into any 600x1000mm 42U 19 inch rack. Starting at 25kVA up to 200kVA this solution is easy to integrate into small and medium size computer room designs. This UPS solution enables you to integrate the full UPS into a HOT-COLD Corridor design of any particular brand.

With just a few articles you are able to build or extend your UPS need. Follow the TIER1-4 electrical designs even for smaller and medium loads using SCU CMS

Rack independent products. With base unit of 100 and 200kVA you never run low on power. Easy multiplying our ruggedized 25kVA modules to your need, not getting limited to single phase or three phase designs (or any combination of the two).

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