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Modular design, N+X redundancy ;
Input harmonic <3%;
Input power factor ≥0.998;
Overall efficiency≥ 95%;
RS232, RS485, LAN interface, 4 input dry contacts, 8 output dry contacts

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    DPS series is a brand of high voltage DC(HVDC)power system, which adopts advanced modular power supply design concept and leading electrical circuit technology. 
    1.Single rectifier cabinet contains 20 rectifier modules max. Parallel up to 3 rectifier cabinets
    2.Modular design, N+X redundancy, High reliability, high availability, easy maintenance
    3.Full DSP control in input and output circuits
    4.Advanced series resonant soft switching technology decrease bear stress of power devices
    5.Input harmonic <3%, the input power factor ≥0.998;
    6.overall efficiency≥ 95%;
    7.RS232, RS485, LAN interface, 4 input dry contacts, 8 output dry contacts
    8.Powerful alarm functions: audible and visual alarm, current alarm, input and output dry contacts, historical records and other   functions;
    9.ModBus communication, online detection of DC bus and outlets insulation, online detection of battery bus voltage, battery cell voltage and battery temperature
    10.Perfect battery management functions, the most scientific battery management in DC system, greatly extend battery life span
    11.Optional inverter module, able to provide AC output
    It is suitable for DC servers and other equipment in IDC data center, telecommunication, transfer, exchange, finance, government, media, transportation, energy and other data centers.

Product :  AC Input Cabinet
Dual input 

Product :  Rectifier Module Cabinet
Space for 20 rectifier modules 
Max 3 cabinets parallel 

Product :  DC Output Cabinet
8 outlets 
Max 3 cabinets parallel

Product :  Rectifier Module
AC Input: three phase or single phase
DC output: 240V or 360V
Supply DC load or charge batteries 
DSP digital control 
Protections: Over/under voltage, overload, over temperature

Product :  Monitor Module
LDC touch screen 
RS232, RS485, LAN
4 input dry contacts, 8 output dry contacts 
Information include: AC, battery, DC outlets, breakers, rectifier module, system status, event record, parameter setup and so on.

System specification
Model DPS240-600A DPS240-1000A DPS336-400A DPS336-600A
Module capacity 30A 50A 20A 30A
Mode three phase +E
Input AC voltage range 380±25%
Input AC frequency 50Hz
Output voltage 240V 336V
Total output capacity 600A 1000A 400A 600A
Output mode Single output or double bus output
Output current share accuracy accuracy ≤5%
System function
Monitor communication RS232/RS485/LAN
Dry contact 8 output, 4 input
Battery management Even-float charging, auto temperature compensation discharge etc
Battery detecting Battery cells or battery string voltage and temperature etc
Insulation Insulation resistance for bus and outlets
EMC EN55022 Class B
Protection degree IP30
System features
Noise <55dB
MTBF 50000 hours
Operation temperature -5℃~40℃
Operation humidity 5%~90%(40℃ non-cadency)
Altitude ≤1000m, normal operation;>1000m, de-rate
weight Kg 150(module cabinet);250(DC cabinet, AC cabinet)
Module specification
DPM module model DPM240-30 DPM240-50 DPM336-20 DPM336-30
Input voltage 380VAC, three phase +E
Input frequency 50Hz
Input PF 0.99
Input harmonic ≤5%
Efficiency 95%
Output voltage 240V 336V
Output voltage range 204Vdc~288Vdc 286Vdc ~403Vdc
Stability accuracy 1%
Output current 30A 50A 20A 30A
Peak noise voltage ≤50mV


Subject: DPS HVDC 240/336VDC


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