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VRM Car Charger

Input voltage:90-264V,
Single module power:3.3KW、6.0KW;
THDI<3%, input PF>0.99
Efficiency: 95%
Digital control technology

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VRM360 series is an intelligent On-board DC Vehicle charging pile promoted by SICON to meet market demands.It adopts advanced modular structure design concept and cutting-edge electronic circuit technology.As on-board build-in power module matched electric car,it transfers AC mains to DC power supplied for electric cars,providing reliable DC power supply for electric car battery.Rectifier module input is single-phase mains,output DC is 200VDC-450VDC / 250VDC-650VDC / 300VDC-750VDC,meet the demand of different voltage battery pack.It features boot self-check、AC input over/under voltage protection、output overload protection、over temperature protection inside the module. Active power factor calibration technology and DC-DC conversion technology adopt full digital DSP control technology. The DC-DC power circuit uses alternating tri-level series resonance soft switch technology, the efficiency of which can reach 300KHz, with high reliability, high availability, high maintainability and high efficiency.
    1.Wide input voltage range:90-264V, input surge protection design,single module power:3.3KW、6.0KW;
    2.Using DSP digital control technology,realizing pure digital control from input to output;
    3.Adopting decrease power device bearing stress alternating series resonance soft switch technology
    4.Input harmonic<3%, input PF 0.99, system efficiency >95%;
    5.Ultra wide output voltage range 250~420VDC,adjustable,and could meet the demand of varies voltage of battery pack;
    6.Low output DC ripple,has no effect on battery life;
    7.Monitor equipped with standard CAN communication interface,easy to exchange data with external device;
    8.Protections such as over voltage protection、under voltage alarm at input side,over current、short circuit protection at output side;
    9.It has 13.8VDC auxiliary power,for BMS in car.
    Vehicles with: on-board DC charger such as electric cars, taxis, engineering vehicles and coaches.

Model VRM360P20000W VRM360P6000W VRM360P3200W
Input capacity 20KW 6.0KW 3.3KW
Range of input voltage 220Vac/380Vac 220Vac
Input frequency 50/60HZ
Input PF 0.99
THDI ≤3%
efficiency 95%
Output voltage 200VDC-450VDC / 250VDC-650VDC / 300VDC-750VDC
BMS auxiliary power 13.8VDC
Output current 10.3A/360V;7.5A/13.8VDC
Voltage regulation accuracy 0.5%(13.8VDC1%)
Current regulation accuracy 1%
Peak-to-Peak noise voltage of DC output 1%
Overshoot 10%
Soft-start time 5S
Operating temperature -40~65
Storage temperature -40~70
Relative Humidity 5%-95%,40±2,non-condensing
altitude 4000m
dimension 385*410*97 250*410*97 250*265*97
Cooling Air cooling/water cooling
Protection degree IP67


Subject: VRM Car Charger


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