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Green Energy Storage
Time : 2019-08-14

With many years development,Sicon always focus on providing quality energy solutions for the industry.In order to meet the challenges of the development of power grid and the construction of smart grid , as well as to meet the large-scale development of renewable energy,Sicon launched a series of storage products and complete energy storage solutions.Energy storage facilities include bidirectional power converter system, energy storage UPS, energy storage battery, BMS unit.

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Why Sicon

More than ten years of experience in the power electronics product development, production, sales, service.
More than 100 people R&D Team

More than 100 intellectual property rights

SiconEnergy Storagy Solution

Energy Storage Solution

Sicon energy storage system could reduce peak load demand, improve the utilization rate of existing grid

equipment and power grid operation efficiency,improve the efficiency of power quality and power

consumption. Also it will effectively reduce the power and the power grid construction, to enhance the

overall asset utilization of the power grid, completely change the existing power system construction

pattern, promoting the transformation from denotationdilated to connotation.

Sicon Energy Storage system consist of Power Conversion System, Monitoring Control System, Auxiliary

System, Battery and Battery Management System.

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