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Sicon 2016 semi-annual meeting successfully held
Time : 2017-01-02

During July21-24, Sicon 2016 semi-meeting has been hold at 4th floor building B, Tianshan technology park. The meeting was hosted by vice manager Haojianxun. The meeting summarized company’s progress of first half year, at the same time the board of directions came up the next half year’s goal and development direction.

After the meeting Sicon organized a vacation to Zhangbei, grassland. It’s take 8 hours form shijiazhuang by bus. after a long travel, stuffs lived in local yurts, ate roasted goat and danced with fire stove.

During the vacation, Sicon hold a lot of team games such as climbing, JiGuDianQiu, and cross single plank bridge, everyone learned teamwork from those games, everyone enjoyed this trip.

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