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Sicon Attend the 2017 Automechanika Shanghai
Time : 2019-08-20

2017 Automechanika Shanghai (AMS) was held from 29th, November to 2rd, December in National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai), Sicon was participated in the exhibition as the core supplier of China POVETIO.

Sicon Attend the 2017 Automechanika Shanghai

Automechanika Shanghai Overview

Automechanika Shanghai (AMS) ,which was organized by Messe Frankfurt and China National Machinery Industry International Co.,Ltd. (Sinomachint), is one of the 12 brand exhibitions in the German automechanika exhibition and has become the most recognized professional exhibition for international auto parts, maintenance testing equipment and service supplier.

Sicon Attend the 2017 Automechanika Shanghai

Sicon in AMS

Sicon showed the EV smart charger in the exhibition.Ac charging pile design change numerous for brief, simple human-computer interaction with complete control protection integration within the small size of the charging module, pile appearance novel, exquisite design, all show the low carbon environmental protection, science and technology intelligence and the core concept of pragmatism.

With its great performance and low carbon environmental protection design idea, which has attracted  customers to visit and got more business opportunities.

Sicon EV Charger overview

30-120KW DC Fast ChargerSicon Attend the 2017 Automechanika Shanghai

◆30-120KW system, 15KW power module, single/double outlets;

◆450mm cabinet, easy to put and install;

◆500VDC-750VDC adjustable;

High efficiency to save 30% charging time, high reliability, flexible capacity expansion, energy saving;

◆Function of protocol self-recognition and can realize the charging for all type of vehicles;

EV smart AC Charger

◆Capacity:16A, 32A, 63A

◆Input: single phase (16A, 32A), three phase(63A), IP55

◆Good human-computer interaction interface

Intelligent charging terminal:charging real-time display information, including charging voltage, charging current, charging power, etc.,

◆Various charging modes: charging according to time, capacity, amount and automatically are supported

AMS has successfully concluded and and Sicon established long-term coexistence and cooperation with many partners, which lay the foundation of increasing the influence toward the international and developing the international market.Sicon team will keep on innovation based on strong technical advantages and the leading market sense to show more power supply products to customers!

Sicon Products

30KW-120KW DC Fast Charging Pile

15KW DC Charging Module

Sicon  Solution

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