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Sicon Chat Union Product Concept
Time : 2015-11-12

Sicon Product concept:

Modular system structure

High frequency power circuit

Digital control circuit

Intelligent monitor function

Environmental industrial chain

1、 Modular system structure

Sicon modular UPS=Full functioned power module +Modular, standard design


Power module:

■ full control function (rectifier, inverter, charger, etc.)

■ higher power density

■ better parallel performance (circulation restraining, current sharing precision, parallel number)

■ complete fault isolation measures

System structure:

■ risk-free, quick online fixes, expansion and upgrade

■ Multiple redundant measures, minimize distribution bottleneck

■ standard structure design, easy installation and arrangement

2、 High frequency power circuit

On behalf of uninterruptible power supply products highest level, leading the UPS developing direction, greatly improving the system efficiency.

Adopting high frequency IGBT technology, real green power.

■ Enhancing utilization rate of electricity generation and transmission equipment.

■ Reducing reactive power loss of electricity transmission and equipment.

■ Decreasing equipment fault due to harmonic current.

■ Reducing electromagnetic interference due to harmonic wave.

■ Avoiding parallel or series resonance of utility grid.

■ Bringing down acoustic noise of equipment.

3、Digital control circuit

High performance DSP control technology:

■ latest data processor, twice processing speed, digital control of rectifier and inverter within one single DSP chip.

■ adjustable potentiometer inside the module, higher reliability, simpler hardware circuit, stronger transient response ability.

■ thoroughly solve the discreteness and instability of simulative control, ensure the consistency of capacity expansion and maintenance specification.

■ adopt EMI electromagnetic compatibility simulation design in power circuit, higher anti-interference, heat resistance and reliability.


■ when nonlinear load with PF above 09, 100KVA=100KW

■ accessible with load of any PF, no influence on system safe operation.

■ adopting high speed digital drive and feedback circuit

■ extreme dynamic response, tracking and compensation rate

■ better stable output and transient output performance

■ 5:1 output load peak factor

■ suitable for load characteristic of IT equipment

4、 Intelligent monitor function

5、 Environmental industrial chain


Network purchasing, ROSH standard environmental protection device, reducing waste.


High-frequency, modular, high efficiency design idea.

Production:Silenced equipment reducing acoustic noise, Electronic feedback load replacing heat consumption load


Harmless, non-polluting, renewable use packing material, no secondary pollution

Storage & Transportation:

Superior thermal insulation material as warehouse building materials, reducing dependency on cooling equipment.


Cooperating with recycling company, classification recycling of production waste and household waste, leading green environmentally concept.

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