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Sicon CMS modular UPS applied in the navy
Time : 2019-08-20

Sicon CMS series of modular UPS applied in the National Ship building Industry Group 701 Institute,which is the National high - tech project research institute in China, and its advanced infrastructure provides scientific research continually.he

For this time Sicon as modular UPS supplier,  provide CMS series of modular UPS for 701 research institute. CMS Industrial Modular UPS units are non-isolated, industrial level,green UPS. No risk of online expansion and maintenance, small size, light weight, high power density, and  rational redundant structure , all of these are the advantages of CMS series modular UPS unique . All of them will provide a reliable guarantee for the users.

Providing advanced product technology and quality is our responsibility for the user, but also for the Sicon brand. One and another success fully reflects the market position and brand influence of Sicon, we will continue to provide the best modular UPS and excellent services to all users.

modular UPS applied in navy

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