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Sicon CMS Series Modular UPS successfully settle down in Hubei Bureau of State Taxation
Time : 2020-04-27

In the UPS centralized procurement for Hubei national tax system, Sicon CMS series UPS stand out once again by its advanced technology, excellent performance, and forward-looking design concept.
Sicon CMS Series UPS provided in this project is modular structure product, which belongs to modular industrial UPS power supply. It is designed as an up-market modular UPS with the concept of energy saving, green and environmental protection. Power module can achieve N + X redundancy, online upgrade or expansion according to user demands. This uninterruptible power supply system is featured by stable performance, high output efficiency, sound detection and management function and a wide range of applications. Sicon CMS series UPS system adopts online double-conversion design to provide a more secure and stable power supply for the key facilities of State Taxation Bureau in Hubei province.
Sicon always adheres to concept of quality-oriented and design innovation over these years. Tax authorities’ choice of Sicon UPS power supply products once again, on the one hand is an affirmation on the quality and performance of Sicon power products; on the other hand also reflects Sicon brand position in the electrical industry. We will still work harder and provide more stable and reliable products as well as quality service for customers home and abroad.

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