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Sicon Data Center Module Solution for China Unicom
Time : 2019-08-20

Sicon Data Center Module Solution for China Unicom

7sets Sicon Data Center Module install

Project Location: Shijiazhuang, Hebei Provice, North of China

Sicon Solution:All-in-room design, take Sicon Data Center Module as basic.

Features: Integrated whole solution double-row-cold-aisle cold-aisle depolyment hundreds of IT cabinet, max 21kW

Power Distribution Panel Sub-Power Distribution Panel 500kVA modular UPS

Sicon data center module-1

Sicon data center module-2

Sicon data center module-3

Sicon Tips

Data Center Module, all-in-room integated solution, factory made, easy site install.

User friendly, High Power density, High effienciency, Easy Data Center.

Products We Offer

>> 350KVA--800KVA  UPS System(Based On 50KVA UPS Module)

>> Micro Data Center (Integrated, smart, mini, server room Complete server room solution)

Other Power Solution

>> Micro Data Center Power Solution
>> Data Center △2N Power Solution

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