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Sicon DC Fast Charging Pile joins hand with Nanjing Cloud Express
Time : 2019-08-20
Nanjing Cloud Express has adopted the highly advanced charging pile of Sicon EVDS series 120KW single-pole DC charging pile, which will provide high-quality charging service for the new energy vehicles of Nanjing.

EVDS series of integrated DC charging pile adopts advanced modular design concept, constituted by monitoring unit, power distribution unit and power modules. It covers the full range of power from 30KW-360KW segment, nearly available for all vehicle models on the market to provide appropriate charging power.  With three models of centralized charge, average charge and flexible charge on multi-outlet charging, Sicon EVDS series can meet the charging needs of multiple vehicles. Besides, the system has separate cooling duct, making the power dissipation and control circuit separated to ensure the control circuit dust-free, with advantages of high reliability, high availability, maintainability and high efficiency.etc.

Nanjing Cloud Express

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