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Sicon EV Charger design concept
Time : 2015-11-20

EV charger——Design concept

Create benefit above cost for customer


Redundancy: system redundant & fault tolerant design, high-frequency modular design, higher margin power components design.

Flexibility: excellent grid, environment, car type adapting, wide range of input voltage and temperature, independent heat-dissipation air flue, self-recognized protocol, kinds of car type charging.

Protection: three-proofing conformal coating for device, minimum IP54.


Modular: totally fully modular design, standard power connector, expansion as grow structure.

Standardization: standardized, scaled, high efficient producing products.

Easy-combination: modular redundant design, flexible in configuration, expansion and combination, realize rapid deployment.

High efficiency

Design: high-performance PFC control circuit, high efficiency three-level circuit topological structure, fully DSP advanced technology, low distortion, high power factor, excellent efficiency, energy saving and reducing of consumption.

Space: micro design, high power density, small footprint.

Energy saving: standardized design, reduce production cost, green and environmental-friendly, space saving, invest saving.


Intelligent——fault alarm, high-availability; Support IC card; Unattended operation

Interactive——Intelligent interaction between Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile APP achieves control and management of charging pile

Internet——flexible networking mode inside and among stations, support multi communication modes such as wired, 3G and 4G.


Simple——brief, technological appearance design

Syncretic——integrate new fashion, mobile APP application, advance reservation, searching, inquiring and planned charging, QR code scan supported.

Future——fashion and intelligent, catering to future


Installation——complete front-back maintenance design, easy to operate

Easy to use——Ergonomic design appearance, scientific and safety; LCD touch screen achieves visualization operations

Maintenance——easy online maintenance, online hot-swap is supported by critical components, reduces maintenance time, and effectively promotes usability


People, device and environment possess thorough security measures

Overload, short circuit, over-temperature and leakage protection function

Surge protection, over voltage protection function

Emergency stop and false operation prevention function

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