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Sicon joins hand with CHINA POTEVIO, leading the new energy
Time : 2016-11-24

Sicon joins hand with CHINA POTEVIO again through the advantage of strength and strong technical level, providing Floor Stand DC Charging station and DC charging module, support of New Energy industry development.

This EVDS series integrated DC charging station is intelligent integrated DC charging station for market’s request, which adopts advanced modular structural design idea and leading edge electronics. The system consists of the monitor unit, power distribution unit and power module, scalable from 30KW to 360KW, which can provide a suitable charger power to all vehicle types in the market.

Different from traditional intelligent integrated DC charging station, Sicon EVDS series charging station have some advantages such as the installation of ultra-thin thickness (only 450mm), small footprint, convenient installation and placement. The system is made up of DPM series DC charging module, which is applied three-phase active power factor correction technology, digital control technology, vertical installation, at bottom air inlet and top air outlet, which is not easy to accumulate dust. Besides, the system has independent heat dissipation channel, makes separate power heat dissipation with control circuit, ensures the control circuit part cleanly, with high reliability, availability, maintainability and efficiency.

Sicon, as the core supplier of China Potevio, provide search section of the charging facilities to China Potevio in large quantities many times. With advanced research techniques, the detailed design to EV Charger and satisfaction of operation management, Sicon and China Potevio have always maintained close project cooperation, making full use of the products and R&D advantage to support New Energy industry development.

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