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Sicon joins hands with Guangzhou subway again
Time : 2016-11-20

Good news! Sicon won the bidding of Guangzhou No.3 subway project, providing reliable power supply for the secure operation of Guangzhou subway.

With the rapid development of China subway, people’s lives have been greatly improved. Since the opening of subway in 1990s, the efficient, high-tech and high-standard rail transit develops rapidly, which not only driving national economy, but also bringing convenience for people’s lives. UPS is the most-used electric products in rail transit system, and the power equipment gets high quality and uninterruptible power from UPS for guaranteeing subway’s normal and safe operation. Sicon CMS-350KVA modular UPS successfully entered Guangzhou No.3 subway by its advancement, high reliability and impeccable after-sale service.

Sicon CMS online modular UPS, is an up-market modular UPS following concepts of “Save Energy, Green, Environment”, with functions of intelligent power protection. The system capacity ranges from 50KVA to 800KVA with the advantages of PF >0.99, low harmonic current and low noise. System modules can be hot-swappable, N+X module-level redundancy, high reliable, providing users with safe and reliable power protection.

Always, Sicon pays more attention to uninterruptible power supply products’ development and research in rail industry, and we will go on. We will devote ourselves to the national rail industry, provide high-quality and high-efficiency products and service to customers in transportation industry.

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