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Sicon Modular UPS join hand with the risk analysis platform on coal accident
Time : 2019-08-20

Recently, Sicon became the successful bidder for the risk analysis platform on coal accident in Shandong province with its professional power solutions, high quality products and the industry’s brand reputation, which shows the comprehensive power again.

Sicon Modular UPS join hand with the risk analysis platform on coal accident in Shandong province

The  risk analysis platform on mining accident is the an important basis work that the coal safety supervision department adapts to the times indicatively and promote the information about the mining safety supervision, and achieve the goal that science and law are to strength out safety. The sophisticated monitoring equipment and huge monitor data on the power supply has a high level requirements, and Sicon provides the CMS series one class modular UPS for the platform, and escort for its safe and stable electricity.

CMS Modular UPS units are non-isolated, industrial level, green UPS ,adopting advanced modular power protection concept. It delivers the best combination of rectifier, filter, charger, inverter and intelligent power production. Applying innovated current sharing rectifier control, master-slave synchronization in sequence control, multi- level decentralized control and 3-level sine wave modulation technology, it features great efficiency ,flexibility and reliability and reduce the cost on investment, operation and maintenance.

There are 50KVA-800KVA series in CMS UPS units ,the power module are 10KVA, 25KVA, 50KVA, the customer can decide any one by himself; The system is the module structure, and it consists of STS module, monitor module, and power module, also can be upgraded according to the customers’ requirements; Besides, CMS modular UPS units can be used together up to four sets of systems and can realize many power solutions such as N+1、2NΔ2N; the STS module, monitor module, and power module can realize online hot-swap and very convenient to install and repair.

"Because the focus, so professional; one step ahead and control the future”, which has been assisted by Sicon, and it is this idea that drives our research and development team and all the staff to fight hard for every year , and we has been at the front of the industry with the persistence, dedication and enthusiasm, also gives back to the best products and service experience to our customer!

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