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Sicon modular ups join hand with Yanqing hospital
Time : 2016-12-21
Sicon wins the bid of Hospital IT project in Yanqing District, Beijing to provide reliable power protection, which is the good news again from the motherland capital .
All along, Sicon wins the favor and trust of the majority of users with the high-quality product quality and good reputation and brand image. This project uses Sicon CMS Series Modular UPS, which is industrial-grade modular power supply, the following the new concept "green, energy saving, environmental protection". Adopting average current-controlled rectifier technology, master-slave synchronization control technology, and multi-level decentralized control technology, it does not only greatly improve the usability, reliability, but also reduces the equipment investment, operation and maintenance costs. With minimize the cost to provide the most reliable power protection for users.
The Hospital of Yanqing District has the important mission to protect the health of the people. Sicon is proud of providing electricity services for the hospital to provide health care for the people of the capital, meanwhile it reflects the high trust from our users. Sicon will step up by the trust to high-quality products and reliable services to be rewarded.

After years of continuous development and innovation, Sicon high-quality brand image and excellent product quality has been deeply rooted. Sicon time and again to stand out in many competitors, relying on the accumulation of good reputation, tireless efforts on product R&D, advanced concepts and all-round caring service over the years. "Technical leading, future dirven", Sicon will always uphold the front of the design concept, customer-oriented objectives continue to forge ahead.

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