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SICON Modular UPS join hands with China Unicom
Time : 2019-08-20

China Unicom has adopted the highly advanced protection of Sicon UPS for its power supply system that will ensure the continuity of the most critical system of the facility. Sicon has been entrusted with the task of ensuring the power supply, even in case of power failure or malfunction with flagship product—CMS-250KVA modular UPS.

China Unicom is one of the three largest carriers of China’s communications industry with core business including: fixed communications business, mobile communications business, domestic and international telecommunications facility services, satellite international business, data communication services, network access services and various types of value-added telecom services, communications and information related business system integration business, to meet customers a variety of communications and information services demands.

With various advantages of flexible expansion, high reliability, low harmonic current, low noise, fault isolation, high power density, online maintenance, standardization etc., SICON Uninterruptible Power System will definitely play an excellent power protection for China Unicom in Shijiazhuang city.

China Unicom

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