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Sicon modular UPS joins hands with Education Bureau
Time : 2019-08-20


Education bureau, lianyungang, Jiangsu, China


Haizhou District Education Bureau is in Jiangsu Province, plays an important role in the development of education in China.


To ensure uninterruptible, reliable power supply to education bureau’s network, it has very strict demands on the Reliability and Expansion which has closely relationship with the students’ study and life.


As the world-top UPS supplier, Sicon provided CMS series modular UPS to education bureau. Sicon UPS,modular design and support online hot swappable, which fully considered the flexibility and future expansion, ensures the safety and reliability.


l With its high cost-performance, Sicon UPS reduced the initial construction of investment and later expansion cost.

l With its high reliability, easy expansion, high efficiency and low THDI, Sicon UPS ensured safe and reliable power supply.

l With pre-sales support, excellent product performance,good after-sales service ,Sicon has won the highly praise of Jiangsu education bureau.

Sicon is the leader in modular UPS technology, and will dedicated to providing more safer, high-efficiency and more environmentally power supply for users.

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