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Sicon provides 360KW type EV charger for China Bus company
Time : 2019-08-20

Sicon and China Bus company announced a strategic collaboration that brings together Sicon’s EV charging device and EV charging stack system , with Bus company charging project to unlock new value for Daily charging of new energy bus vehicles.

Customers will benifit from Sicon’s cutting-edge power electronics technology and intelligent DC charging system with the Bus company’s new energy solution. The first two joint industry solution powered by Sicon and Bus conpany will bring the demands of new energy bus vehicles.

The bus company has become a global leader in the field of green energy solutions and new energy Chinese brand among the outstanding example of the world. Its pure electric bus products have been successful operations in Beijing and many other cities in China, which successfully proved its products’ stability and reliability.

Sicon provides 360KW type EV charger for China Bus company

Sicon provides two kinds of EV charger. One is DC charging stack with terminals,Sicon’s breakthrough innovation, system power 360KW, with 24pcs 15KW power module , can provide 8outlets at the same time. The power can be allocated flexible,which could satisfy diffirent needs. Charging time saves 30%, module life is increased 50%, the system efficiency increases 3%.

EVDS series DC charging station, another one provided by Sicon, is an intelligent intergration DC charging system. It adops advanced modular design concept and cutting-edge electronic circuit technology. It consists of controlling unit, power distribution unit and power modules.

Sicon has been joining hands with Chinese enterprises and supporting their exploration of new energy markets. Sicon has cooperated closely with many Chinese enterprises including YINLONG, TGOOD, etc.. providing charging products, solutions and services.

DC EV charger

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