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Sicon provides reliable power supply for Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau
Time : 2019-08-20


Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Backup Command Center


As the command center of public security actions, Guangzhou Public Security Bureau backup center is responsible for the whole city’s implementation of "110" social linkage work; management and coordination of Office, Research, Command, Propaganda and Intelligence information work. The importance of the center is self-evident, which requires the key storage device running smoothly, reliably, uninterruptedly.


To ensure uninterruptible, reliable and stable power supply to Public Security Bureau Backup Center, Sicon provides complete power supply guarantee with its cutting-edge CMS UPS system and modular N+X solution, which features with great reliability and cost-efficiency.


1. Truly double conversion online ups with multi-level decentralized control technology.

2. Rational redundancy, fault isolation, circulation suppression,

3. Space-saving high power density with 50kva power module.

4. Hot-swappable, zero risk online expansion, maintenance.

5. Great performance index: overall efficiency 95%(AC-AC), inverter efficiency 98%(DCAC), THDI 3%, and input PF 0.99

6. High grid & environmental adaptability.

7. Smart Battery discharge management, auto-transfer between floating and equal charging, temperature compensation.


10 sets of 500kva UPS grantees key storage device of the command center running smoothly and uninterruptedly, proves the high reliability and stability of Scion modular UPS, which also received highly praise from Guangzhou Public Security Bureau.

Over recent years, Sicon Modular UPS has been widely used in the State Ministry of Public Security, military, national defense, taxation, finance, quality inspection, the court and other important government agencies and units. Taking "Clients and credit oriented" as operation principle, Sicon people will work harder , to provide clients and power industry with best quality products and services.

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