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Sicon provides the reliable electricity security for GuanFu Musuem
Time : 2019-08-20
Recently, Sicon has been at GuanFu Museum ,Hangzhou branch, and provides the DSP series digital intelligent UPS according to the requirements to ensure the safety and reliability of electricity.

GuanFu Museum was the first private museum that established after China’s establishment. There are Ceramics Museum, Furniture Museum, Painting Museum, Crafts Center Museum, Video Museum, Windows Hall Museum and Multi-Function Museum in GuanFu and it organizes exhibitions and lectures for cultural exchanges, combines the display, research, collection, communication, education, culture and commercial activities. Besides, it combines the art culture with commercial activities. Sicon provides stable and reliable electricity supply for this culture feast and ensures the communication of human and history along with the wide dissemination of art and culture.

DSP series UPS is a small power supply products which has flexible install way, advanced electrical technique, is the best choice for the small power customer. It adopts digital control technology and control the power conversion process precisely to ensure the electricity quality; to protect the users’ data more safer, the power output can also work in parallel and form 1+1 redundant system; DSP series mainly provides the electricity protection for high power density data center, bank, security, vending machines system, Telecom/VoIP etc, and can clean and persistent power supply, protect key equipment and Apps to be safe against shunt down, data loss and process interrupt which is caused by power fail.

It’s the users’ recognition to choose us to the Sicon brand, product quality, advanced technology as well as the full service. We are to meet the expectations and dedicate our strength to build the country culture industry. We will continue to provide high quality and reliable products and services for major industries with our spirit of customer- oriented principles in the future!

GuanFu Museum

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