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Time : 2015-11-24

Sicon has a lifetime experience in research, development and production of electrical and power electronic solutions for the global industry. Sicon products take the lead in every field when it relates to environmental or efficiency performance.

1)Datacenter solution

Data centers are facing challenges of growing demands for higher revenues, improved customer experience and greater operational efficiency. As a leader of smart datacenter solution, Sicon is providing a full range products and solution for datacenter users, from large datacenter to medium and small sever room.

Modular UPS and Data Center Power Supply

Modular UPS solutions increase the security of IT infrastructures and reduce the consumption costs at the same time. The over sizing of UPS systems, which was widespread in the past 20 years, can be avoided by the use of modern, modular systems. Sicon provides individual and efficient solutions that consume only as much energy as is needed. Modular UPS systems with single cube technology are characterized by very small module weights and enable a reduction of transport and handling costs. Both the power units as well as the battery modules are designed modular. So an adjustment to the current IT environment is fast and easy. As a result, organizations can minimize the energy and operating costs of their UPS and achieve optimal TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Power Distribution

More and more user is facing the challenge of increasing electrical density and cost. Modular Bus Distribution System and modular Power distributions System provide the best solution to solve this problem. It transforms traditional static power distribution system into a modular on-demand one.

Micro Data Center

After many years working with small and medium customers, Sicon understand their challenges very well. We are proud to provide an all in one total solution for micro data center, by integrating power, cooling, racks, environment monitoring components plus services. Genius 6000 is a fully integrated, industry-leading plug-and-play solution with a ready to use IT rack space.

Integrated Data Center Module

It is a row based building blocks and an intelligent platform of datacenter that integrated power, cooling and datacenter infrastructure management.

2) EV Charging Solution

To find answers in the global search for sustainable energy sources and use of energy brought Sicon to invest new energy solutions for fast growing Electrical Vehicle industry. Our main objective is to bring renewable energy close to citizens and integrate electric energy, from renewable energy sources, into the operation and development of cities worldwide.

Integrated New Energy Charging Station

We integrate solar, wind, lithium battery, grid power and EV charger into the New Energy Charging Station to provide reliable, economic and sustainable energy.

Cloud Energy Management

Sicon adopts Cloud technology to collect, store and provide data on the charging stations. Data and information could be viewed via web, real time supervision anywhere and anytime!

DC fast Charger

DC fast Charge stations are designed to charge a vehicle rapidly. 80% of capacity charged in 30 minutes, for a 20 kWh battery. The vehicles are indirectly connected to the grid with an external charger, dedicated cable and incorporating charge monitoring .

Applications: service stations, fast charge stations

AC Charger

The AC charging station products are designed to meet the requirement of parking areas. The vehicles are directly connected to the grid with dedicated power socket and cable, and incorporating charge monitoring.

Applications: parking areas of company, commercial district, and residential.

Car Charger

The charger converts the alternative current from the charging station into direct current, and limits the inrush current to the maximum acceptable to provide reliable power supply to the battery set of electrical vehicles.

Applications: car carrier charger.

3) ESS & Battery Solution

Sicon with his lifetime experience in power electronics has made a high efficient B-directional converter technology available that in combination with Sicon Lithium battery solutions introduces a range of energy storage possibilities from homeowners to industry applications.

B-direction converter

B-direction converters are dedicated to charging/discharging the storage battery and providing intermediate link between the grid and the storage battery in different occasions, including grid-connected system, off grid system and hybrid system.

Application: Peak Shifting, Micro Grid, renewable energy, industrial use

Lithium battery

Design idea: standard 18650 lithium ion battery, standard battery module, and then modular battery cabinet.

Compared with lead acid battery, lithium battery features with small volume, high power density, long life span, high discharge rate, high temperature.

Application: with b-direction converter in energy storage and with UPS in datacenter.

BMS (battery management system)

Measurement, measures general information of battery such as voltage, current, and temperature, etc

Diagnosis, diagnoses the safety of battery and detects errors

Control, controls the battery temperatures and cell balancing

Communication, provides battery data by communicating with PCBs and operating system

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