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Sicon supplies the Intelligent EV charger station in a China Yunnan highway
Time : 2017-08-15

Yunnan Referendum Construction Group Co., Ltd. is one of the five large-scale state-owned enterprises in Yunnan Province, which is a national hi-tech enterprise, Yunnan Provincial Highway Maintenance Leading Enterprise and Yunnan Provincial Transportation System Key Technology and Backbone enterprises, the main force of highway construction in Yunnan Province, Yunnan top 100 enterprises.

EV Charging Station  need to meet the demand of new energy vehicles charging in Yunnan along Highway. There are many number and types of new energy vehicles in the highway. The EV Charging Station need to meet the Charging requirements of different models at the low cost.


Sicon Provides 2 sets of EVTS-240 DC charging stack system with fourteen charging terminal to YHDIC. The station can not only meet the eight EV car charging (15KW-60KW), but also can meet the 4 large new energy bus charging (0-120KW) needs, the total electricity demand for the 480KW. Compared with the traditional station, to meet the needs of the premise of charging, reduced the 140KW power redundancy. This New Energy Charging Solution is the first integrated intelligent flexible charging solution system in China.

Product Feature

EV charger station

1. 2 outlets,4 outlets, or 8 DC outlets, can charging multiple vehicle at the same time.
2. Flexible power range: 8outlets, 15KW-75KW, 4 outlets, 30KW-90KW, 2 outlets,60KW-180KW.
3. Flexible power distribution, it fits all kinds of charging demands, and can also reduce charging time, save investment.
4. Intelligent management,intelligent module dispatch, it can enable different amount of modules according to loading current, highly increase module’s working life and running efficiency, reduce system loss and operating energy consumption.
5. Has insulation monitoring function, it can automatically turn off the output to ensure safe charging when insulation level is low.
6. High adaptability of temperature range, has isolated heat dissipation air ducts. Power heat dispassion is separated from control circuit to ensure dust-free of control circuit.
7. High efficiency, high reliability, ultra low radiation, fast maintenance, flexible capacity expansion, energy efficiency and environmental protection.


EV Charge Station

More cost effective to run:

Output Power flexible distribution function, which can meet the charging requirements of multiple electric vehicles at the same time.

Preventive maintenance:
Sicon provides a complete maintenance schedule to keep your charging station in good health.
Corrective maintenance:

Remote diagnosis, modular design ensure quick repairs, reducing inconvenience on your Charging Station.

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