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Sicon UPS at International Fair
Time : 2019-08-20

Being one of the leading uninterruptible power supply(UPS) suppliers in China, Sicon has been participating in plenty of various international events, such as Olympic Games, the Asian Games, 2014 APEC, World Expo, G20 Summit, EU-China summit etc..which require uninterruptible, reliable and stable power supply guarantee.

Over these international fairs, Sicon not only has provided safe and reliable power to ensure the normal operation of venue facilities, but also has sent professional technicians to provide on-site technical support. All these prove Sicon’s excellent product performance and customer service concept.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Sicon Modular UPS with high reliability, energy saving and environmental protection won the bid of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, ensuring uninterrupted power supply protection for the communication and lightning project of Olympic venues.

Install Site:

Water cube,Hockey rink, shooting gallery.


Online UPS CMS-150KVA

Modular N+X solution


◆Hot swap modules, N+X redundancy design.

Online add/remove module, online maintenance, MTTR=5 mines, high reliability.

Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) up to 96% efficiency, pay as grow, high cost-efficiency.

Small footprint, space-saving high density design.


With “zero incidents, zero accidents, zero complaints”, Sicon Team cross the country a satisfactory answer, and won Olympic recognition.

2014 APEC Conference

APEC Conference was one of the largest and top level major international multilateral activities held in China. Sicon provided complete power supply guarantee for this significant international affaire.

Install site

Lightning, audio &video system,control center, conference center.

Other important places like:dinner room, washing room, hotels.


CMS-200KVA modular UPS

DSP11 standalone UPS


High efficiency with THDI ≤ 3%, and input PF ≥ 0.99.

Truly online double conversion ups.

Flexible modular design, high reliability.

Online expansion, updates and maintenance.


Sicon UPS with high reliability, easy expansion, high efficiency and low THDI, ensures safe and reliable power supply during the conference. Low-carbon, environmental friendly is fit for the “green” concept advocated by the APEC conference.

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