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Sicon UPS Successfully Settled in Runze International Information Port
Time : 2015-02-06

Recently, depending on products’ advanced properties, reliability, and perfect after-sales service system, Sicon modular UPS won the bidding and successfully settled in Runze International Information Port again. This is another achievement after winning the bidding of Runze for more than 20 machines last time!

Runze International Information Port project is located in Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone, covers an area of 1.34 million square meters, construction area of 2.62 million square meters and specialized data center room area of 660,000 square meters, which located in the Bohai economic circle, the center of economic circle around Beijing and Tianjin , 50 km from the center of Beijing, 70 km from the Capital International Airport and 80 km from Tianjin International Airport.

Sicon will provide 5 sets of CMS-480 series UPS and 4 sets of CMS-320 series for Runze International Information Port’s Data Center this time, in order to ensure safe and reliable power supply. For a professional centralized data processing center, uninterruptible power supply is the key to maintain its day-to-day operation. To avoid the high idle time cost caused by key load failure, it’s crucial to install safe, reliable and high-performance UPS in the construction of data centers.

Sicon CMS series products are modular UPS systems with N+X redundancy, which can meet the strict requirements of mission-critical environment, such as data centers and banks. Sicon modular UPS systems are more reliable and green UPS, with the ability of expansion. Sicon UPS will provide Runze Data Center with high quality power supply guarantee!

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