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Sicon UPS won the bidding of Police Headquarters in Hubei Province
Time : 2016-10-11

Recently, The Police Headquarters in Hubei province purchase UPS as their power supply, in which, Sicon CMS-200 series beat many strong competitors. This is Sicon UPS’s major breakthrough on Hubei market once again.

In the bidding, the demander paid attention to Public praise, Quality and Efficiency. Sicon CMS-200 Modular UPS won the bidding by its high-end technology, excellent quality and good reputation in the industry.

Sicon CMS-200 modular UPS system is an online double conversion modular UPS system, with the feature of flexible capacity expansion, stable power supply and high reliability, providing excellent power supply protection for the demander.

Since its establishment, Sicon has been focusing on power supply’s research and development, has provided professional power supply protection for users of each field, and has established long-term good cooperation relationships. Also, Sicon insists on strict quality, demand for excellence from the first step of the production, highest standard for each link, and win the maximum benefit for users to avoid unnecessary losses. Besides, Sicon R & D team is also growing and new talent continues to join, laying foundation for creating more high-end power equipment.

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